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Welcome to Larry North Fitness, a results-oriented fitness experience that will help you achieve your fitness, weight loss and overall wellness goals. Becoming a member of one of our fitness clubs is like becoming a member of our family. Our dedication is about more than just helping you maximize your health and fitness. Our one-on-one personal training helps you meet your goals and increase your overall confidence and quality of life. Select from personal training options, work out on your own schedule, or exercise with a group fitness class. Benefit from our state-of-the-art equipment, and tips and motivation from the industry’s leading experts. A Larry North Fitness Club membership will propel you on your path to a healthier, happier you.

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Modern Facilities

Your health and fitness is our priority, and every Larry North Fitness location is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment that offers optimal results and a truly rewarding experience! We not only provide the best, we also teach you how best to utilize our facilities through the expertise of our many highly-experienced personal trainers.

Personal Training

It’s called personal training for a reason: each of our trainers is highly-experienced in creating and customizing fitness plans that fit your specific needs. Our trainers are more than just exercise experts – they are also skilled in identifying clients’ problem areas and crafting the perfect routines to strengthen those weaknesses.

Lasting Results

Fad diets – and their results – fade just like all fads do. At Larry North, we focus on teaching you how to live healthier and happier to make sure that the results we help you achieve last for life. We focus on teaching you how to eat according to your body’s needs, and how to exercise to maximize your body’s fat and calorie burning potential.


Group exercise classes are a significant part of many people’s health and fitness routines. At Larry North Fitness, we offer a wide variety of classes to keep your routine fun, interesting, and rewarding. From advanced Yoga classes to kick-boxing and martial arts courses, you’ll find a fitness class that’s right for you, and a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts to enjoy it with!

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