Making Weight Loss Stick

Making Weight Loss StickGetting to a healthy weight can take significant time. Many people have achieved that goal, through a healthful eating plan combined with daily activity. Slimdown America is one example of a planned eating program with a record of success. Maintaining a lower weight can be challenging. Ideally you will have found an eating plan you can stick with long term. A weekly plan for both cardiovascular activity and strength training is also cited by many who have successfully maintained weight loss for one year or more. (more…)

Could I Be Overtraining?

Could I Be Overtraining?

To the novice, the idea of “too much exercise” can seem laughable. The fact is, overtraining can become a problem for some people. Signs that you might be overtraining include having problems sleeping, noticing unwelcome weight loss, chronic colds, chronic injuries, and disruption or loss of menstrual cycle in women. Overtraining can come about from something as simple as not being aware of basic FITT principles, or being new to exercise. If you suspect there may be more complex issues, talk with your family doctor. (more…)

Three Back-Friendly Habits

3 Small Back Friendly Moves to TryBack pain is a big problem in the United States. The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases reports 8 of 10 people deal with back pain at some point in their lives. Some of the pain will be acute (sudden onset, perhaps due to injury) and some will be chronic (ongoing.) In either case, it hurts. Chronic back pain can be caused by poor posture, or weak or tight muscles in the back and abdomen. One invisible benefit of exercise is that chronic back pain can be lessened, or avoided. (more…)

Plan a Fit and Fun Family Reunion

Plan a Fit and Fun Family ReunionFamily reunions mean generous hugs, lavish picnics, name tags and funny family stories. Talented family cooks contribute to a pot luck. Gran’s favorite pie and dad’s famous root beer floats end special meals. While family reunions can be lots of fun, they can also trigger stressful moments for some participants. If you have the joy (and responsibility) of planning your family reunion, think about keeping family wellness in mind. You can make it a day, a weekend or week without regrets. (more…)

Bored with Crunches? Try These!

Bored with Crunches? Try These!Just about everybody has heard of abdominal crunches by now. Crunches are the modern version of the full sit up. They are kinder to the back, and yet just as helpful for toning and flattening abdominal muscles. If you are a dedicated fitness buff, chances are you have done thousands of crunches in your life. Working with a personal trainer will guarantee workouts that are never boring. Between personal training sessions, here are some thoughts to keep your crunch time interesting. (more…)

Do You Drink Enough Water?

Do You Drink Enough Water?“Drink plenty of water” is a something we hear often. Personal trainers at a Dallas Tx fitness center may phrase it as “Keep hydrated.” However you say it, we all need water. We lose water in obvious way, such as through sweat and urination. Our bodies also use and lose water in less noticeable ways, such as when we exhale, and through digestion and other body processes. Some major influences on how much water you need are your size, your overall health and your activity level. Do you know if you are drinking enough water? (more…)

Building Grit Into your Work Out

How to Build Grit When Working OutThe idea of “grit” has been in the news lately. It is the “stick with it” idea when tackling a task. Grit helps a student improve a skill. It helps a dancer master a difficult routine. Personal trainers see grit when someone new to exercise sticks with a workout plan. The payoff may be a stronger heart, tighter abs or looser jeans. You might think grit is inborn: either you have it, or you don’t. However, current thinking is that most people can increase their grittiness. (more…)

Fitness Club Time Savers

Fitness Center Time SaversSometimes you want to savor every moment of an experience: a delicious dinner, a birthday party or a long-awaited date. Other times you want to efficiently complete a task and move on. If you have a membership with a great Dallas Tx fitness club, you have options. You can join a cycle class, swim in the pool, use the weight machines, and freshen up after working up. We want you to make the most of your time at the health club, and fitness time savers can help. (more…)

What Does it Mean to be “In the Zone”?

When is an Athlete “In the Zone”?Have you ever heard someone say they were “in the zone” while exercising? That term has a couple of common usages. “In the zone” could refer to a target heart rate zone. Target heart rate  zone varies by individual, and by the purpose of the exercise session. Another use of “in the zone” refers to working at an optimal level. It is the feeling that everything is coming together for optimal performance. Sometimes being in the zone is called “flow.” No matter which definition you are using, being “in the zone” is a good thing! (more…)

Multitasking on the Treadmill

Multitasking on the TreadmillOne of the missed workout excuses fitness professionals hear over and over is ”I don’t have time to exercise.” We could point out that taking care of your health is likely to save you time and trouble in the long run. Another way to look at things, is that exercise can serve multiple purposes. Attending a yoga class will strengthen your core and can also lower your stress level. You can multitask with treadmill time by performing non-distracting other activities as you stride along. (more…)