Cool Snacks for Hot Days

Cool Snacks for Hot DaysThe temperature has officially hit 100 degrees, and there’s no reason to think the rest of August will be any cooler. When you are craving something cool and refreshing, there’s no reason to deny yourself. And it doesn’t have to wreck your eating plan. Before you reach for a sugary soda or a high-calorie milkshake, consider drinking some cold water. Thirst can masquerade as hunger, and it can be hard to keep adequately hydrated in hot weather. Whether you are hungry or thirsty, cool snacks can leave you refreshed. (more…)

Don’t Make Us Nag You: Stand Up Straight!

Don't Make Us Nag You Stand Up StraightActually, we won’t ever nag you. But we do have your best interests at heart, and good posture is good for you. It’s easy to fall into a slouchy, hunched over position, especially if you spend time sitting at a desk, or peering at a phone or laptop. While spending a little time in these awkward positions won’t hurt you, it’s not a habit you want to adopt full time. Standing up straight has a number of benefits—and it keeps that nagging little “stand up straight” voice quiet. (more…)

Four Ways You Benefit from Yoga

Four Ways You Benefit from Yoga

Are you curious about yoga, but wonder if it is just for a certain type of “enlightened” person?  There are many different types of yoga classes, for many different types of personalities. Some classes have a fitness orientation, and others focus on a restorative practice, with emphasis on stretching. Vinyasa classes tend to have poses that flow, while other classes may maintain proper form through several breaths, in one position, before moving to the next. Although each class is different, don’t overlook four benefits that every class will provide. (more…)

Tips to Curb the Fast Food Habit

Tips To Curb The Fast Food HabitThe expression “moderation in all things” makes a lot of sense when applied to the foods you eat. Studies have shown that a forbidden food often becomes all the more alluring.  Saying you will “never again” enjoy a fast food treat is unrealistic for most of us. It sets us up for failure when our will power gives out. It may make more sense to enjoy a fast food treat every so often, while reducing how much fast food is in our overall diet. (more…)

Don’t Let A Vacation Stop Fitness Success

Don't Let Vacation Stop Fitness SuccessAhhhh, summer! When days are hot and minds start to think about taking a few days off, and getting away from the daily routine. Vacations are a wonderful chance to rest and recharge. At their best, they refresh and rejuvenate. At their worst, they can set your fitness program back, and you return sluggish and irritated with yourself. There is always a way to find time to exercise. This is true whether you are at home or away. Vacation doesn’t have to interrupt your fitness success! (more…)

Are You Too Old to Start Working Out?

Are You Too Old to Start Working OutIf 60 is the new 40, and since the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics puts the current American lifespan at 81.2 years for women and 76.4 years for men, it makes sense to keep your body in good physical condition. Longer lifespans mean more time to spend with friends and family, pursue our careers and enjoy time off. Healthy diets and intelligent exercise programs help care for our bodies. If you haven’t already established an exercise routine, do you ever wonder if you are too old to start working out? (more…)

Getting Off A Fitness Plateau

shutterstock_298833425There’s a great feeling when you start a new exercise plan, or when you make positive changes in your diet. There’s usually a blissful period of success, when you can see the effects of a new fitness routine. Maybe you feel more energetic when you cut out the late night ice cream snack. But despite a strong start, many people find they reach a plateau, where the excitement drops off, and you start feeling stuck. Plateaus are a natural part of any fitness process. Try these suggestions to get things moving again! (more…)

What’s Your Exercise Style?

What's Your Exercise StyleSome people seem to be natural-born exercisers, while others take some time to come around to the joys of physical exercise. There are plenty of people who haven’t gotten to the “I love it” stage, but still commit to spending time in a gym, because they know the advantages of having a healthy, strong body. If you are in the “Gee, do I have to?” phase, maybe you just haven’t found your exercise style. See if any of these types sound like you! (more…)

What is Core Strength, and Why Does it Matter?

What is Core Strength and Why Does It MatterYou may hear personal trainers and fitness professionals talking about “core strength” or “stabilizing your core.”  In the workout world, “the core” refers to the central body, and the muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvic area. Core strength aids in virtually every physical activity, and also influences good posture and balance. Along with their obvious functional benefits, strong core muscles help prevent injuries. And it doesn’t hurt that strong core muscles can help keep a lean stomach tucked in and flat. (more…)

Do You Sit Down Too Much, Too Often?

sitting down too much, too oftenThe most effective way to stay fit and healthy is to stay active. Unfortunately, in today’s world, that isn’t always easy, or even possible, especially for people whose jobs and careers demand sitting at a desk for all or most of the day. Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent your life or completely change your career just to combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. If your daily life demands that you sit down too much, too often, then there are simple steps you can take to help keep yourself healthy and fit to fight the effects of staying still. (more…)