Hands Off the Halloween Candy

Hands Off the Halloween CandyWhether you are 5 years old, or 25 of 75, Halloween can be a lot of fun. The National Retail Foundation reports Americans spent $2.2 billion on Halloween candy in 2014. Wow! While many children happily enjoyed those treats, it’s a pretty sure thing that some adults indulged as well. Healthy eating plans include good food, exercise and occasional treats. If you hear that sweet Halloween candy beckoning, be strong. You want to keep your hands off the Halloween candy, and stick to your fitness goals. (more…)

How to Refuel After a Workout

How to Refuel After a WorkoutWhat a workout! Maybe you raised the incline on the treadmill. Or powered through some hilly roads on your bike. Workouts come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s hard to beat the satisfaction that comes from knowing you challenged yourself and emerged victorious. It’s important to refuel your body after a hard workout. You probably know that doesn’t mean an extra slice of pizza or the giant size soda. Do you know some healthy habits to refuel after a workout? (more…)

Is It Time for A Fitness Makeover?

Is It Time for a Fitness MakeoverIt is now officially Fall. The days are getting shorter (and cooler, we hope.) Change is in the air! Just like you change your wardrobe, you can decide it is time for a fitness makeover. When we continue with the same routine month after month, boredom can set in. As the body adapts to the exercise patterns, you may find yourself on a fitness plateau. Who says you can’t shake things up with your own personal brand of fitness makeover? (more…)

Who Needs Pilates Classes?

Who Needs Pilates ClassesWould it surprise you to know that just about everyone can benefit from Pilates classes? The flexibility benefits help sports enthusiasts, from golfers to soccer players. Pilates is excellent for building strength in the body’s core muscles. Older exercisers will benefit from improved body awareness and balance. The mindful breathing incorporates elements of stress management. Many moves do not require specialized clothing or equipment, which is great for those on a budget or in a hurry. Pilates classes have a social aspect, and you can also do Pilates exercises at home. (more…)

What is A Target Heart Rate?

What is a Target Heart RateHave you heard about your target heart rate, and wondered what that was? It has nothing to do with a big bull’s eye. It is a zone of heartbeats per minute that indicates you are challenging your heart without putting undue stress on that important muscle. It you wear a fitness tracker or a fitness monitor, it may indicate when you are working in your target heart rate zone. Regularly exceeding your target heart rate isn’t beneficial, and may even cause problems. (more…)

Three Exercises You Can Do Standing Still

Three Exercises You Can Do Standing StillSometimes there isn’t time for a full on, sweat-producing workout. That doesn’t mean you don’t have options for exercise. One of the most common type of no-motion exercise is isometric exercise. Contracting your core muscles and maintaining a plank position is one example. When you are standing in line or waiting for someone to show up for a meeting, put that time to good use. You could be toning muscles and burning a few calories, instead of merely standing still. (more…)

Can Machines Exercise for Me?

Can Machines Exercise For UsIs your ideal fitness routine one where you glide into a gym on a moving sidewalk, lie down, and machines do the workout for you? Maybe you wish you could take a nap or talk on your cell phone while belts and pulleys move your limbs about. The short answer to “Can machines exercise for me ?” is NO. But weight machines can help you do the work. Ideally, we want to help you find the types of exercise you enjoy. Then you will want to do them yourself! (more…)

Are All Fit People Thin?

Are All Fit People Thin?People use many standards to measure fitness levels. Some of us remember the school-based Presidential Physical Fitness Test, with pull ups and a rope climb. How fast can you walk or run a mile? Can you climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath? What does your doctor say at an annual checkup? How do you feel at the end of the day? Weight and body shape are a component of fitness. There is no single standard that gives a universally correct rating of “fit” or “fat”. (more…)

How Exercise Benefits Metabolism

How Exercise Benefits Your MetabolismOne way to think about your metabolism is to consider an engine that runs a car. You give a car fuel, and it converts it energy to make the car run. Some cars run fast and hot, and others are more economical in their use of fuel. If you have a slower metabolism, your body if very efficient. It tends to use fewer calories in daily activities. That is a good trait if food is scarce. When food is plentiful, a faster metabolism burns up more calories, even in a resting state. (more…)

What is Cross Training?

What is Cross TrainingCross training is a plan of exercise that circumvents your body’s natural ability to adapt to repetitive movements. When you consistently do the same thing, the same way, your body finds ways to be more efficient. For example, if you always run, your legs muscles get a workout, but your arm strength will not be challenged. Cross training is a plan that mixes different muscles and types of exercises. The variety helps you build full body strength. It also helps prevent a plateau phase, and keeps you from getting bored. (more…)