Swimsuit Thoughts To Consider

Swimsuit Thoughts From the Fitness WorldThere seem to be two reactions to swimsuit season: “I Can’t Wait!” and “Ugh.” You can love the swimming pool and the beach but still think “ugh” when a swimsuit doesn’t fit. Avoiding bathing suits all summer doesn’t make much sense in Texas. Instead of hiding out, consider spending some time online or at the mall, trying on different swimsuits. Consider a breezy cover up or a lightweight shirt that makes you feel comfortable. Get motivated to kick your workout up a notch, rather than avoiding swim-related situations. (more…)

Summer-ize Your Workout Habits

Summer-ize Your Workout HabitsHave you noticed the slowly climbing temperatures that hint at summer? Summer officially begins in June, but it is not too soon to think summer with your fitness routine. The days are longer, which means more time for exercising outdoors. When April showers strike, think weather safety, and move your workout indoors to a  Dallas Tx fitness club. If you are a teacher, student, parent or otherwise affected by school schedules, you may have a more time in June, July and August. It is not too early to think about summer-izing your workout habits. (more…)

Yoga Postures for Cubicle Dwellers

Yoga Postures for Cubicle DwellersIt can be both relaxing and invigorating to participate in a yoga class at a Dallas, Tx fitness club. There is soothing music, you are dressed in comfortable athletic wear, and an expert instructor talks you through the movements. When you are between classes, don’t despair. Yoga postures can be done outside a yoga studio, Many don’t require a lot of space or special clothes. These types of yoga postures are a good match for cubicles or shared office areas. (more…)

Strength Training for Weight Loss

Quiz: Strength Training for Weight LossDid you know that strength training can be a secret weapon in weight loss? Building muscle, even in relatively small amounts, increases your basal metabolism and helps your body process calories more efficiently. As a side benefit, increases in activity level helps people feel less stressed. Activity includes things like strength training, attending a yoga class as at Dallas, Tx fitness club, walking, biking or playing a round of golf. Are you already in the know about strength training and weight loss? (more…)

Fitting In Fitness All Week

Fitting In Fitness All Week LongWeekend warriors are fitness folks who sit quietly Monday through Friday, and then work out hard on the weekends. Sometimes that seems like the only way to include exercise in a busy schedule. However, the weekend warrior mentality can lead to injury, missed opportunities, and is probably not the best workout model. People of all ages can benefit from a workout routine that includes activity every day. The trick is figuring how to include fitness in a busy Monday through Friday schedule.  (more…)

What is Visceral Fat?

What is Visceral Fat?Visceral fat takes its name from the position in our body. Visceral fat in the center body cavity surrounding the major organs (the viscera). Scientists have now divided fat into a number of types and categories. Visceral fat is one type. Another type is white fat: the stored fat that can make for a less-than-satisfying rear view.. Brown fat is a small proportion of fat in adults. It appears to be recruited when we need to keep warm. Subcutaneous fat and belly fat are two other fat designations. (more…)

What is A Spotter?

Who Needs a Spotter?Perhaps you’ve heard a personal trainer or a fitness staff member use the term “spotter” while at a Dallas, Tx fitness club. In the wide world, a spotter is someone who keeps a lookout. You may try to spot a garage sale as you drive down the street. Spotters at an auction watch and point out people making bids. In the workout world, a spotter doesn’t just look for trouble – he or she stands close by to prevent trouble before it happens. A personal trainer will act as a spotter for his or her clients. Fitness center buddies can also spot each other. (more…)

Safety Tips for Outdoor Running

Safety Tips for Outdoor RunningSpring in Texas is a beautiful time to be outdoors. The sun is warm, the days are long, and the heat hasn’t settled in yet. There is a 10K just about every weekend, for those who enjoy a competitive element. Friendly “fun run” events or informal runs with family, school or work friends give the opportunity to know each other better. Walking or running provides the opportunity to build cardiovascular strength, and build the muscles of the leg, glutes and core. Think safe as you think fun and physical fitness. (more…)

How Much Weight Should I Lift?

How Much Weight Should I Lift?“How much weight should I lift?” varies from person to person. Factors to take into account include how long you have been working out, your general fitness level, your age, whether you are male or female, and your goals in lifting weights. Strength training for general health means lifting at a different level than someone training for a weightlifting competition. In all cases, it is good to challenge yourself, but the idea of “no pain; no gain” killer workouts is not usually the healthiest long term mindset. (more…)

Can You Laugh Your Way Thin?

Can You Laugh Your Way Thin?“Laughter is the best medicine,” Norman Cousins said. Perhaps laughter can help your immune system, but can laughter be your weight loss plan? It’s true that every bit of movement uses calories. Even when we are sleeping, our basal metabolism uses calories for things like heart activity, digestion, and maintaining internal temperature. However, noticeable weight loss directly from laughing is not a reasonable plan. Yet, before you lose that smile, consider how laughter may help indirectly with getting to a healthy weight. (more…)