How Can I Run Faster?

How Can I Run Faster?Training to improve running speed is within everybody’s reach. You can get your baseline speed by timing a lap or a measured distance, and then check back at regular intervals to gauge improvement. You will want to focus on two elements to improve running speed: building the muscles used in running, and building endurance in your heart and lungs. Proper diet is also necessary to increase running speed. A personal trainer has the knowledge to set up a plan, and coach you through the implementation. (more…)

When Work Time Cuts into Gym Time

How To Cope When You Can’t Get to the GymThere will probably come a time in your life when you are your own boss. You’ll set the hours for your coming and going. In the meantime, if someone else sets the hours, you may find that work time cuts into gym time. You could let this be an excuse to skip workouts. A better ideas is to find a gym convenient to work or home. You can also look for opportunities to be active outside, or to build activity into your work day. (more…)

What’s the Update on Barefoot Running?

What’s the Update on Barefoot Running?About five years ago, “barefoot running” was trending in the news. Several companies made special “barefoot” shoes, in both wild colors and basic black. At one point, the military even ruled on the suitability of shoes with individual toe slots, versus shoes where all the toes were in one compartment. In 2014, a manufacturer of barefoot style shoes settled a lawsuit (while denying any wrongdoing) that they had falsified some claims. There are many way to make running interesting. Here are some of the latest thoughts on barefoot-style running. (more…)

How To Deal with Snack Temptation

How To Deal with Snack TemptationThere they are. The plate of Aunt Mary’s double chocolate chip cookies. The bowl of mixed nuts. The platter of crackers, cheese, olives and salami. Snack temptations are always around, but they move especially front and center this time of year. It’s unrealistic (and certainly not as much fun) to say no to all the treats. To deal with snack temptation, learn to be a better snacker. Try these ideas before feeling you must totally bypass Aunt Mary’s cookies and cause a family scandal.

What is Anaerobic Exercise?

What is Anaerobic ExerciseAnaerobic exercise is work that the muscles can perform without additional oxygen. Anaerobic exercises are forceful bursts, sustained for only a minute or two, such as lifting heavy weights, running a 50 yard dash, or throwing a shot put. Anaerobic exercise doesn’t mean you don’t need to take a breath—it means your muscles can satisfy the energy demands without needing oxygen. However, the byproduct of this process, lactic acid, builds up in the bloodstream and muscles, causing cramps and fatigue. Anaerobic exercise has a place in many training regimens. (more…)

Start A Family Fitness Tradition

Family Fitness Traditions to Start This YearThe holiday advertisements are on TV. The snowman decorations are up in stores. Your coffee comes in festive cups. Many November and December traditions center around food and constant excitement. Poor eating habits can leave us feeling blah. Lack of sleep can contribute to stress and weight gain. Maybe it’s time for a change. Have you thought about starting a family fitness tradition this year? With a little forethought, you can begin to build memories with good health in mind. (more…)

Smart Steps to Build Muscle

Smart Steps to Build Muscle

How do muscular people get that way? A few people are born with just the right genes. Others have a few years (probably as young adults) where they effortlessly stay fit. Some body types are more naturally muscular. But anyone can take steps to build more muscle in pursuit of a strong and functional body. If you have never lifted weights, you may find weight machines a comfortable way to get started. Building muscle (for most of us) takes time and effort, but the results are worth it. (more…)

Do Your Fitness Goals Need Updating?

Do Your Fitness Goals Need Updating?The end of the year is a time for assessing how the year has been. Are you happy with your fitness progress? If you aren’t sure, it may be that you need to establish some fitness goals. If you had some goals in mind, you can ask yourself if they are still relevant. Was one goal to join a gym? That one is easy to tackle. Use a guest pass to visit one of our gyms. We’d be happy to show you around. (more…)

What Personal Trainers Are Thankful For

What Personal Trainers Are Thankful ForIt’s not that we aren’t thankful all year, but November is a month particularly focused on thankfulness. We are thankful for members who make time to come to gym, even when their lives get busy. Our fitness staff is thankful for your friendly smile when you come in. Your fellow gym members appreciate your considerate attitude as you work out. Our group fitness instructors are glad you are willing to try new classes. Our personal trainers are thankful for clients like you. (more…)

Alternatives to Fitness Nagging

Alternatives to Being a Fitness NagFor some people, it isn’t a chore to schedule time in the gym, it’s a pleasure. But not everyone feels that way. We all know people who drag their feet when it comes to exercise. If you are a fitness buff, it might seem like constant reminders (also known by some as “nagging”) would be helpful. In reality, there are better forms of motivation. Few people have changed their attitude by being told “You ought to exercise more.” Although fitness nagging doesn’t work, there are some things that may help. (more…)