Corporate Wellness

Employee satisfaction and human resource surveys consistently show that wellness benefits and access to a fitness facility are among the most valued job perks. At Larry North Fitness, we are committed to the corporate environment. With facilities spread throughout the Dallas metroplex we cater to the needs of executives, management and employees at all levels. At Larry North Fitness you can take advantage of lunch and learn seminars with Larry North and his team of experts, personal training, group classes, on site health club design and management, keynote presentation, discounts on Larry North products and web links.

Currently, there are dozens of corporations, including many Fortune 500 companies, that participate with Larry North Fitness on corporate wellness. It is easy to get started because we offer significant savings for corporations, based on the number of employees who choose to participate. The results speak for themselves. Employees who choose to exercise and eat right have reduced sick days, decreased health care costs, higher morale and increased employee productivity. Forward-thinking companies find that corporate fitness membership aids in employee retention and promotes less stress in the workplace.