Member Center

Our fitness club members are like members of our family. We not only help you maximize your health and fitness, but most members experience an increase in energy, a decrease in stress and a higher enjoyment of life. A Larry North Fitness Club membership means you can enjoy and benefit from from state-of-the-art equipment, with knowledgable staff members to guide you. You will also have access to a wide variety of classes for all levels. Personal trainers can provide expert help, and you’ll enjoy tips and motivation from nationally-known fitness leaders.

10 Tips to Getting the Most From Your Membership

  1. Get started with a personal trainer.
  2. Don’t miss workouts.
  3. Establish written goals.
  4. Adopt the Larry North eating plan and get the 21 Day Slimdown.
  5. Make yourself at home.
  6. Read Larry’s book Living Lean.
  7. Eliminate the idea of “no pain, no gain,” and replace it with “no pain is no gain.”
  8. Exercise variety in your workouts.
  9. Make suggestions.
  10. Have fun.

Personal Training Program Overview

The personal training program at Larry North Fitness is recognized as one of the best programs in the nation. Several Larry North Fitness trainers have been recognized as being among the top 100 in the nation. Our trainers are committed to providing each member and client with a results-oriented program that is customized to their specific needs and interests. We believe that the knowledge of our trainers combined with their ability to personalize workouts to the needs of the client are what set the Larry North Fitness personal training program apart from the rest of the industry.

Personal Trainer Qualifications

Our staff of fitness professionals consists of numerous locally and nationally-recognized names in the field of health and fitness, each of whom has garnered significant education and work experience in the fitness field. Each of our personal trainers has earned at least one nationally-recognized certification, including:

  • American College of Sports Medicine Health/Fitness Instructor and/or Personal Trainer certification
  • American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer certification
  • Cooper Biomechanics of Strength Training certification
  • Muscle Activation certification
  • National Academy of Spots Medicine Personal Trainer and/or Sports Performance Specialist certification
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and/or Personal Trainer certification

The Core of the Program – The Assessment

Each client’s personal training program begins with a comprehensive assessment process that includes a postural analysis, joint mobility comparison, movement analysis, body composition measurement, needs assessment, goal setting, and an initial program orientation.

Using the information gathered from the assessment, our staff will devise an individually-designed program that addresses the client’s needs and goals.

To get started, please contact one of our fitness clubs.