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Larry North Superior Trainer Education

At Larry North Fitness, we pride ourselves on the exemplary level of our fitness professionals.  We are aware that with the fitness industry in its current state of rapid growth, there will be a large number of facilities with unqualified individuals prescribing exercise.  This is where the Larry North brand has set standards and mandatory certification to ensure our loyal customers that we will provide them with the highest level of service, safety, and results.

The Larry North Fitness personal training department has taken a stand to separate itself from any other fitness facility.

Our highly skilled personal training department has required all current and newly hired personal trainers to acquire the “Certified Personal Trainer” certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

The Larry North brand has chosen the National Strength and Conditioning Association as our principal educational requirement for many reasons. Primarily because the NSCA was founded in 1978, significantly one of the first commissions available, by strength and conditioning professionals. The evidence based nature of the information published by the NSCA provides trainers with the tools to assist almost any demographic of client.

In the present day, there are many different certifications available for individuals to take in order to become a personal trainer.  What is important to recognize is the difficulty that it requires to earn a certification from the NSCA (67% passing rate), elevating their trainers to a higher level of education and knowledge.   We believe this requisite will enable our personal training department to develop and communicate with their clients on a superior level unlike any other fitness facility.

At Larry North Fitness, the main objective of the personal training team is to provide our members with a well rounded and tailored exercise experience.   No two people will require nor receive the same prescription, assessment or analysis.

The company fitness assessment, which is offered complimentary to all new members, is very unique and unlike any other assessment available.  Our assessment offers the unique blend of body composition measures, movement analyses, posture assessment, joint range of motion measures, strength measures and cardiovascular fitness. The entire Larry North training team is extensively trained in this assessment to offer the highest quality bodily assessment to our new and current members to ensure their physical success.

Go the route which will keep you healthy and injury free for a lifetime.

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