Public Speaking

LNPUbligSpeakingVery few people have the ability to inspire a small group of 10 people or a large convention hall of thousands the way Larry North can. His dynamic energy, passion, and enthusiasm is infectious. His topics on commitment, discipline, humility, forgiveness, positive thinking, persistence, and emotional fitness not only help people to master their overall wellness but also help them to become better at business, leadership, and overall happiness. When his audience is supposed to laugh, they laugh out loud. When the room is quite, you can hear a pin drop. At times there isn’t a dry eye in the house. Most of all, people walk away knowing information that can help them take their life to the next level.

If you or your organization is looking for a 9+ rated speaker who can truly change lives and have an impact on your group or company, then Larry North is your man. He has spoken to many fortune 500 companies, universities, and conventions across the U.S. and abroad. He is currently available for international travel. Due to his busy schedule and the fact that he is restricted to 40 events per year, his time is somewhat limited. For additional information contact us.

Public Speaking Testimonials

I had the pleasure of hearing Larry speak at the GISD Council of PTAs meeting 2/6/08. What an incredibly touching presentation and tribute to Beverly, As a single mother you made me proud and I appreciate that. Larry, you reminded me that no matter how challenging life may seem, someone is always having a harder time, The way you rose above the situations you faced in childhood inspired everyone to try harder, do better, and be what they can be. Thank you for a very entertaining, inspiring hour. You made my day.

~Kym Banks

Larry’s presentation was a huge success. I have received at least twenty e-mails and many visits from people who attended. They were all impacted in very significant ways. I am being inundated with inquiries about when he will return. One secretary told me that she immediately joined the club a threw away her cigarettes after the meeting. We are very grateful that Larry gave so much of his time and himself to us yesterday. Please express to him how much we appreciate what he gave to our people and the impact that it had. Please send me his mailing address so that I can send him a letter. Thanks for helping to make this happen for us.


I thought Larry was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. He gave a great introduction about the person he is and how he came to be which was very inspirational. Shows that no matter how much “baggage” you have, you can overcome if the desire and passion is strong enough. He stirred up a lot of emotion in me as well as other people, and it’s apparent that his heart is in helping people. That desire too is reflected in the employees he hires.

I would very much like to see him come back and speak again about exercise and diet. I will check with my local library for one of his books.


Larry, again, you did a magnificent job that everyone in that packed auditorium thoroughly enjoyed! I have never seen our people more enthusiastic and more receptive. As I said, I think we are off to a terrific start and I look forward to a long partnership between Fulbright & Jaworski and Larry North Fitness. Never hesitate to let us know what we can do to help you any way we can. By copy I also want to thank Frank Staats and Roger Ritter with Crescent for their role in helping get this partnership started. Take care. By the way, your last story about commitment was very meaningful and moving, and I plan to use your message personally in a very positive way.

~Jack V. Larry


I’ve been meaning to write to you and tell you what a great presentation you did for us at Dr. Kozlow’s and Dr. Dean’s offices. We all left feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. We talked about your amazing ability to communicate with others and how it was even on a spiritual level. One co-worker said she felt good inside, like she had just been to church. Thank you for bearing your soul to us about your past. It really made a difference and helped us to relate to you and feel your spirit. Thank you for sharing with us and teaching us some great principals that we probably already know, but tend to neglect or forget. We appreciate you.

~Marlene Browning

Larry, I came to your 7/30 9:00 AM session at ACS. In fact, you’re still in our building, about to conduct the 12:00 session. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how touched I was by your story. I was the one crying, but your mother’s story is so similar to mine, it just really touched me. I left Houston with three children and a broken water pump myself, and came to Atlanta. I can relate to how she felt – to how all of you felt. My own children are now 21, 19, and 14. You so clearly love your mother and it sounds like you have taken care of her well. I admire you greatly for that, and for all of your other successes. Thank you for coming to ACS. I’m going to divide my plate into thirds, starting TODAY!

~ACS Employee

Larry is just – for lack of better words – awesome! I was laughing one minute and moved to tears the next. His approach to total fitness – not merely physical – is the real key to it all. I would to have him back again and again, but especially for a session on diet and another session on exercise – as soon as you can get him back!

~Harrodsburg Rd Employee

I thoroughly enjoyed the Larry North presentation. I would be interested to see any of his other presentations, but weight loss/fitness in particular. I was very engaged in his presentation.

~Yorkshire Blvd Employee

I enjoyed Larry North’s presentation today. He was engaging, funny, and personable. He presented the information very well. If you bring him back, sign me up. Fortune Drive Employee I went to see Larry North this morning and I thought he was very good. I highly recommend that you encourage your employees to attend and make every effort to go yourself.

~Yorkshire Blvd. Employee

Just some feedback from Friday’s presentation. I thought it was tremendous. I would love for Larry to come back and discuss fitness/nutrition/lifestyles in more detail. Thanks for organizing this. It was great.

~Yorkshire Blvd. Employee