Slimdown America

Modifying your eating habits might be necessary to lose weight and improve your overall health and well-being. The problem with diets, however, is that simply reducing the amount you eat, and depriving yourself of calories, can hinder your progress, rather than help you achieve your goals. In a partnership with Careington International, health and fitness guru Larry North created a revolutionary system of weight loss and weight management involving succulent meal plans, informative restaurant guides, innovative exercise routines, entertaining cooking demos, and more.

The Slimdown America program allows you to enjoy eating so your body receives the healthful fuel it needs to operate efficiently. Through a typical 21-day Slimdown program, the day-by-day, step-by-step, meal-by-meal guidance serves as a template for a stronger, healthier, happier you.

Eating to Lose Weight

One of the most satisfying and pleasant surprises about the principles of our 21-Day Slimdown schedule is that you get to eat satisfying amounts of real food. Depriving your body of food will eventually lead to weight loss, but the progress will be slow, and worse, your body will sacrifice calorie-burning muscle before using deposits of fat. Without adequate muscle mass, you will be weaker, less energetic, and your resting metabolic rate will be slower. All these are triggers to regaining weight, rather than sustaining your slimmer physique.

Through extensive research and Larry North’s expertise in health and fitness, we’ve developed a system that ensures your body receives and uses the fuel it needs, without storing excessive body fat in the process. To accomplish this, you don’t have to give up eating at restaurants, or ordering your favorite foods—instead, you’ll learn new ways to prepare and order your food to realize your body’s full potential.

21-Day Slimdown

The secret to success isn’t perfection itself, but rather striving for it. Progress towards your goal is the cornerstone of Slimdown America’s 21-Day Program. Over the course of three weeks, Larry will guide you every step of the way with informative, inspirational daily topics, and guidance on keeping meals deliciously lean and healthy. The effective exercise routines are designed to fit comfortably into a hectic schedule. Unlike restrictive diets that rarely create lasting results, the 21-Day Slimdown eating program teaches you to use real food to maximize your body’s energy and fat burning abilities. You’ll put those abilities to the test with Larry’s comprehensive list of powerful, 60-second workouts, each of which targets a specific area of your body. With a quick minute and a little motivation, you can get and keep your body in shape without having to take significant time out of your busy day.

7-Day Slimdown

Sometimes you need immediate results, or an inspiration to jumpstart a new lifestyle. Maybe you want to shed that last dress or pant size before hitting the beach for the summer, or you have a wedding to attend, and you want to look your best. The 7-Day Slimdown plan is an intense course designed to help you shed a whole size in just one week. The 7-Day Slimdown requires that you prepare enough healthy foods to properly fuel your body, while eliminating alcohol, processed and sugary foods and beverages, and other empty calories. The exercise component focuses largely on muscle-building techniques to accelerate your body’s fat and calorie burning processes. Dedication to this 7-Day Slimdown will produce immediately noticeable results.

Restaurant Guide

Larry knows better than anyone that a busy schedule can make it difficult or impossible to completely refrain from eating at restaurants. You can enjoy a healthy, balanced meal at most restaurants if you know what and how to order. Besides inspiration, workouts, and recipes, Slimdown America provides a restaurant guide to help you maintain your body’s optimal fuel consumption while still enjoying your favorite meals, including Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food, the occasional greasy spoon establishment, steakhouses, and more!

Cooking Guide

Mastering the art of ordering healthy meals at restaurants is pleasurable and beneficial (especially to your social life), but most of your meals should come from your own kitchen. Fortunately, healthy and well-balanced meals don’t have to be time-consuming to prepare, or bland and boring to consume. With a cooking guide full of diverse healthy meal planners, you may be surprised at what healthy eating can entail. A sample meal may include baked or mashed potatoes (or even French fries!) for carbs; Buffalo chicken feathers (a lighter version of Buffalo wings) or grilled jerk chicken for protein; and grilled Portobello mushrooms as a vegetable.

Exercise Guide

For many people, the hardest part about working out is finding the time to do it. Wouldn’t it be great if your workout lasted only a minute? Slimdown America’s innovative exercise guide is comprised of quick, 60-second energy-boosting workouts that target specific areas of the body. The workouts make sure your muscles burn the energy that you provide them. Performing a few different workouts every day will help you keep your body lean, fit, and healthy.

Slimdown America Testimonials

What did you like about the “Slimdown America” 21-day Fitness Program?

“I found it easy to follow. I love Larry’s encouraging video/recording.”

“I liked that you were actually able to eat real food and you didn’t feel hungry all the time. The program is pretty easy to follow, and I think that it will be easy for people to achieve results.”

“I have an understanding of what Larry is discussing. I found it beneficial that it reminded me of setting up a balanced meal.”

“Being able to incorporate this program for everyday living.”

“It made me want to make a lifestyle change not just for the 21 days but forever.”


What was the best take home value for you?

“That healthy eating doesn’t have to boring or bland.”

“Empowering and taking one day at a time.”

“The best thing I got from the program was that you don’t have to starve yourself in order to lose weight and get results. I enjoyed having the small meals multiple times a day.”

“The re-enforcement about working out, and Larry’s explanation of a balanced meal. The suggestions on how to start getting better fit, just walking around the block,that motivated me to go further.”


Did you find the suggestions simple to follow?

“Yes, the suggestions made it that much easier to follow the 21-day fitness program.”

“Yes. It was the message that “I can take control” and it didn’t have to be in an overwhelming, taking pills kind of way. I describe it as a gradual consistent walk to a necessary change.”

“Yes, the suggestions were easy to follow since you basically just need carbs and protein with each meal.”

“The suggestions are very easy to follow. Larry provided examples which made it easy to follow because there was nothing “extreme” about the program. Larry is always there to provide inspiration and to keep pushing when you need it most.”

Further Testimonials:

“I’m approaching 60, this has helped me keep focus on what I should be eating and moving….I am sharing this with every family member. This has really helped me see what I should be doing not just hearing about all the “results” but knowing how to continue this lifestyle”

“No questions so far. I feel this is pretty straight forward and I can already feel my pants are loose! Yeah! Have not got on the scale yet…..scared. As long as I am following your plan I think this is great. Last weekend I went to NASCAR race and so much junk food was there, but I was able to plan ahead and bring some healthy sandwiches and fruit and had no problem saying no to the junk!!!! That in itself is an accomplishment. Thank you for all your suggestions and plans, it does work if you stick to it”

“Your videos have reinforced eating habits I knew, but didn’t practice. I’m finding myself not as hungry. I’m working now to balance my meals better”