Larry North


Mark H.

markh1 markh2

AGE: 55
RESULTS: 50 pounds
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Houston
MISC: Married – three Children (15, 25 and 26)

  • Athletic growing up, but back surgery and work demands led him to gaining weight
  • Always had the ability to do whatever he wanted – thought he could just lose the weight, but he couldn’t.
  • Just moving around was getting difficult
  •  Discovered Larry’s program and lost the weight the right way
  •  Started losing 4 pounds a week
  •  Made better food choices, thanks to Larry
  •  Program easy to follow – never feels hunger or deprived
  •  With weight loss came strength back – started jogging again

Laura R.

laura1 laura2

Age: 36
Starting Weight:187 pounds
Current Weight:115 pounds
Waist:XL to Size 4
Occupation: Homemaker / Pilates Instructor
Hometown: Dallas
MISC: Married – 3 Children (Girls-6 and 8 / Boy: 10)

  • Weight not a problem before Kids
  • Wanted to lose pregnancy weight
  • Not a big eater – struggled with eating disorder
  • Followed Larry’s eating program and working out
  • Loved the eating program: FLEXIBILITY, EASY TO DO
  • Became fit and toned with enough energy to become a Pilates instructor

Mark S.

mharris1 mharris2

AGE: 39
Height: 5’6
Starting Weight: 210 pounds
Current Weight: 170
Staring Waist: 36
Current Waist: 31
Occupation: Accountant
Hometown: Houston
MISC: Married – three Sons (9, 13 and 16)

  • Life long struggle with weight
  • Worried about long term health problems
  • Never feels like he’s on a diet – eating MORE now and better foods
  • Sons see change – keeps up with them now

Brenda S.

brendas1 brendas3

AGE: 36
RESULTS: inches – doesn’t weigh herself
Hometown: Dallas
MISC: Single

  • Lifestyle lead to being overweight
  • Struggled with ways to lose weight and be healthier
  • Eating cleaner – Thanks to Larry
  • Changed families eating habits. Everyone’s Happier

Rebecca F.

rebeccaf1 rebeccaf2

Age: 45
Height: 5’7
Starting Weight: 159
Current Weight: 136
Before Size: 10-12
Current Size: 6-8
Occupation: Homemaker
Hometown: Dallas
MISC: Married – 2 Sons (10, 7)

  • Mother died of heart disease at 61 years old – felt she was following in her footsteps
  • Never lost post pregnancy weight
  • Learned Clean living principles from Larry
  • Larry made a difference in her families lives and health
  • Not athletic – didn’t burn the fat off.
  • A change in eating was the difference

Amy J.

amyj1 amyj2

Age: 38
Height: 5’9
Starting Weight: 198 pounds
Current Weight: 168 pounds
Inches: 9 inches all over
Occupation: Homemaker
Hometown: Dallas
MISC: Married – two kids

  • Pregnancy and three knee surgeries led to weight gain
  • Follows Larry’s eating program
  • Always eating (5X-6X a day) – program is not restrictive
  • Eats better and smaller portions
  • Changed families eating habits – everyone’s happier
  • Her success motivated Husband – he’s lost 16 pounds in a couple of months
  • Has energy back – playing Tennis again

Amy Adkins

amya1 amya2

I joined Larry North Fitness last September with very simple goals: get healthy, lose weight and body fat, and gain more energy to cope with the hectic demands of my daily life. I had never exercised on a consistent or regular basis – so had a lot of ground to cover. In a few short months in working with trainer Armando Chavez, I lost 10 pounds and 7% body fat, developed healthier eating and lifestyle habits, and my energy is through the roof! Little did I know I would gain so much more. This experience has awakened me to my best self – I have more optimism, more zeal for life, and an eagerness to face new challenges with confidence.

A HUGE thank you to Armando – who is a consummate professional and a great motivator – and to Larry North Fitness Fort Worth. You guys are the very best!

Amy Adkins

Michael S.

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Betsy Johnson

betsy1 betsy2

“Stephen Newhart is the reason that I have lost nineteen pounds and 8 percent body fat. I knew that when I joined Larry North Fitness in downtown Fort Worth I wanted to hire a trainer. I was paired with Stephen for an evaluation. I immediately knew that we would get along. He has pushed me to be the person I want to look like. He believes in me and always tells me that I am doing great. I never get bored with his workouts because we do something different all the time. Stephen has more certifications than any other trainer I know and he is constantly looking for new certifications and courses to take. Thank you Stephen!!!!”

.                                   Before                             After
Weight                      155 lbs.                           135 lbs.
Body Fat                  29%                                  20%
Waist                         30.5 inches                   26.5 inches
Abs                            32 inches                        27 inches
Hips                           40 inches                       36 inches
Ab Strength            45 crunches/min       100 crunches/min
Squat Strength      45 lbs                              120 lbs
Chest Strength       30 lbs.                            90 lbs.

Pam B.

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Lauren A.

laurena1 laurena2

Sally J.

sallyj1 sallyj2

Mike F.

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Kelly H.

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Selina B.

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Sid S.

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Sandy F.

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Pam T.

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Kevin N.

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