Success Stories

You can see for yourself the difference that a membership at a Larry North Fitness club can make in your life. If you are interested in having your Success Story featured here, please contact the manager at your Larry North Fitness Club.

Larry North

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Mark H.


AGE: 55

RESULTS: 50 pounds
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Houston
Married – three children

  • Athletic growing up, but back surgery and work demands led to weight gain
  • Always had the ability to do whatever he wanted – thought he could just lose the weight, but he couldn’t
  • Even moving around was getting difficult
  • Discovered Larry’s program and lost weight the right way
  • Made better food choices – started losing 4 pounds a week
  • Found program to follow – never feels hungry or deprived
  • With weight loss strength came back – started jogging again

Betsy J.


Starting Weight: 155
Current Weight: 135
Body Fat Loss: 9%
Squat Strength: increased 80 lbs
Chest Strength: increased 60 lbs

  • Knew she wanted to hire a personal trainer
  • Immediately felt bond with trainer, who believed in her and pushed her to do better
  • Never bored with workouts; her trainer always has her doing something different

Amy A.


Weight Loss: 10 lbs

Body Fat Loss: 7%

  • Simple goals: get healthy, lose weight and body fat, gain more energy
  • Never previously exercised on a consistent basis
  • Saw results in a few months, working with a trainer.
  • Energy level is now “through the roof”
  • Has more confidence, optimism, eagerness to face new challenges

Amy J.


Age: 38

Height: 5’9”
Starting Weight: 198 pounds
Current Weight: 168 pounds
Inches: 9 inches all over
Occupation: Homemaker
Hometown: Dallas
Married – two children

  • Pregnancy and three knee surgeries led to weight gain
  • Follows Larry’s eating program
  • Always eating (5X-6X a day) – program is not restrictive
  • Eats better and smaller portions
  • Changed family’s eating habits – everyone is happier
  • Her success motivated her husband – he’s lost 16 pounds in a couple of months
  • Has energy back – playing tennis again

Rebecca F.


Age: 45
Height: 5’7”
Starting Weight: 159
Current Weight: 136
Before Size: 10-12
Current Size: 6-8
Occupation: Homemaker
Hometown: Dallas
Married – 2 sons

  • Mother died of heart disease at 61 years old – felt she was following in those footsteps
  • Never lost pregnancy weight
  • Learned clean living principles from Larry
  • Larry made a difference in her family’s lives and their health
  • Not athletic – a change in eating was the difference

Brenda S.


AGE: 36

Results: She measures inches – doesn’t weigh herself
Hometown: Dallas

  • Lifestyle led to being overweight
  • Struggled with ways to lose weight and be healthier
  • Eating cleaner – thanks to Larry
  • Changed her family’s eating habits – everyone is happier

Mark S.


AGE: 39
Height: 5’6”
Starting Weight: 210 pounds
Current Weight: 170
Staring Waist: 36
Current Waist: 31
Occupation: Accountant
Hometown: Houston
Married – three sons

  • Life long struggle with weight
  • Worried about long term health problems
  • Never feels like he’s on a diet – eating more now, but making better food choices
  • His sons see the changes – he likes that he can keep up with them now

Laura R.


Age: 36
Height: 5’4”
Starting Weight: 187 pounds
Current Weight: 115 pounds
Waist: XL to Size 4
Occupation: Homemaker/Pilates Instructor
Hometown: Dallas
Married – 3 children

  • Weight was not a problem before having children
  • Wanted to lose pregnancy weight
  • Not a big eater – struggled with eating disorder
  • Followed Larry’s eating program and started working out
  • Loved the eating program because it was flexible and easy to do
  • Became fit and toned with enough energy to become a Pilates instructor