“Personal training guru Larry North is getting out of downtown.

The sign out front at West 6th and Commerce Streets still says Larry North Fitness, but that will change soon. North has sold the Fort Worth end of his North Texas fitness empire after 24 years.


“Because he’s worked so closely with me, it makes for a very unique transition,” North told the Star-Telegram in a telephone interview. “We’re going to be funneling new members in his direction. We want him to be massively successful. He’s a young, up-and-coming entrepreneur with big ideas.”

Newhart, 34, is a Ph.D student and an adjunct professor in UT Arlington’s kinesiology department. He said he is on schedule to finish his degree in May 2019, but he isn’t waiting until then to take the reins of his own business.”

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The holiday season is among us and at Larry North Fitness it is our goal to help you thrive during the holidays. 
The best place to start is by coming into your club no less than three times per week. Make better for you food choices. Stay hormonally optimal and know that making bad food choices are part of a good food choice program.
Tips for your holiday survival guide:
1) Under eating leads to over eating. Best to get a healthy meal or snack every 3-4 hours.
2) Become a food carrier. This is someone who never leaves the house without healthy food, snacks, bars or a protein drink.
3) Move-lift, stretch, walk and breath. As little as a 10 minute walk can help keep your fat burning furnace on high.
4) Stay hormonally optimal
5) When making a bad food choice, make it worth the calories. Nothing worse than a dessert that isn’t all that memorable.
6) Hire a personal trainer. The best time to hire a trainer is during the most challenging time of year which is the holidays. Your 1st session is on me.
7) Buddy up. Partnering with a colleague to meet your holiday goals is ideal. Bring in a friend and we will waive the initiation fee and the 1st month dues is on me!
8) Eat a healthy meal prior to attending a holiday event or party. This helps prevent you from over eating.
9) Email me directly your weight control questions. It’s my pleasure to help you during your quest to become a better you.
10) Meditation is an ideal way to stay focused and help make this holiday healthy season the best ever!
With gratitude,
Larry North
day 21

Whoo-hoo! Three weeks — didn’t I read that it takes three weeks to form a habit? Am I there yet?? I hope so!


I haven’t been blogging about the numbers on the scale because I really didn’t want to be obsessive about them. I wanted this time to be different. I wanted this time to be completely positive and not have my entire day ruined if the numbers on the scale didn’t drop like I hoped they would. There’s nothing worse than going a day or two of doing everything right — sticking to a clean-eating program, drinking the right amount of water and working out like I’m supposed to — and then seeing the scale not move. Or even worse, seeing the number go up!! It’s happened to me too many times before! Our body chemistry is too fickle for us to only trust the scale to measure our success! So, as hard as it was, I tried to stick with weighing only one time per week.


And! After 21 days, I will share this — I’ve dropped 8 pounds and my BMI has gone from 25.1 (overweight) to 23.9 (normal)! And if you want to calculate your Body Mass Index like I did, I used


Now some people will drop more than I did in 21 days and some will drop less. But the point is, we’re all making positive changes! And in the long run, it will pay off. It IS paying off! And I’m just excited to continue this journey and see where it takes all of us!


day 20

I ran into a friend of mine yesterday who just lost a ton of weight. She’s dropped close to 50 pounds by completely eliminating carbs from her diet. I told her congratulations because she did look great. But I remember how she lost those same 50 pounds a few years ago by eliminating carbs from her diet. Only, she gained it all back again when she couldn’t maintain that way of eating. I don’t know if she’ll be able to keep it off this time, but I’ve seen this happen with friends — and myself! — time and time again.


I remember when my cousin and her husband lost a bunch of weight eliminating all sugar from their diets. They ate whatever they wanted as long as it was labeled “sugar free.” They were so enthusiastic about the results that I tried it, too. I suffered a horrible migraine a couple days in because my body was detoxing, but yes, I lost a lot of weight pretty quickly. However, none of us were able to live a life completely without sugar and we all found ourselves gaining back the weight we’d lost and then some.


So what I’ve learned through all my years of dieting is that I can’t completely eliminate any food group from my diet and have it work for me long-term. I’m sure there are more than a handful of people out there who can do that, but I don’t happen to be one of them. That’s why I’m so happy I found Larry’s program again after all these years. I did it with him in the 90s but I somehow managed to get off track. But I’m back now and that’s what matters!


I love the lack of rigidity and judgment. I love the simplicity of making a few simple changes and seeing real results. I love that I can have my carbs! I love that I’m finally realizing that being healthy truly is all about finding balance in my diet and in my exercise routine and in my head!

day 19

I can’t believe I’m 19 days in to the 21-Day Slimdown! And it’s not like when I complete the magical 21st day that I’m done. I’m loving how I’m feeling and I’m loving the physical change I’m starting to see. Now, the physical changes for me have been pretty subtle — but I’m still seeing them!


When I wave my arms, there’s way less jiggle! And I can zip my jeans right up without having to suck in my gut! Granted, I also have a wardrobe of jeans two and three sizes smaller than I am now, but I know if I stick to what I’m doing for 21 days and beyond, I’ll get into them eventually.


In fact, I’m so excited to have a new wardrobe again — my OLD wardrobe!! I don’t have to go shopping for a bunch of new things because I have the cutest outfits hanging in the recesses of my closet right now. They’re all covered in dust because they haven’t seen the light of day in a few years, but one day soon, I’m going to start pulling out those cute outfits that I wore back in the day and trying them on. I may not get them zipped on the first try or the second, but the day will come when I’ll hear the smooth purr of the zipper sliding gently all the way up. Now, due to the fact that maybe a decade has passed I might have to say goodbye to a few miniskirts, but not until after I get them zipped! I’m so excited about the possibilities that are waiting for me right there in my own closet!

day 18

The people at work think I’m crazy, but I feel like they’re amused to the point where they’re laughing with me and not at me. Whenever I go back to make coffee — and doing morning radio, coffee is LIFE! — in those 30 to 60 seconds or so that it takes for the Keurig to heat up and brew my next cup, I do pushups against the counter or lunge down the hall and back, or I just stand there and squat over and over until my coffee is ready. Do I look a little silly? Yes. But does it make a difference? I think so! At least it does mentally! And if I end up doing three sets of something during the course of the morning, that’s better than doing three sets of nothing, right? And maybe I’m motivating someone in the office to get more physical…who knows!


I’m just looking for opportunities to be healthier and take advantage of any little opportunities to move my body and stay motivated. I’m squatting here and lunging there. I’m keeping a bottle of water with me at all times. I’m preparing food ahead of time so when I’m craving the wrong things and I’m tempted to go off the rails, I’m ready with a healthier alternative. I’m changing the way I shop for foods. I’m leaning on my boyfriend for support and motivation. I’m setting a healthy example for my daughter.


I’d say that 18 days in, I am on the right track!! I feel like my mind is right and I’m getting positive reactions to the changes I’m making. And what a difference it makes in your motivation when people actually start telling you they notice. And there’s no harm in asking those closest to you to say something when they see honestly notice the changes in you. I’ve asked! And sometimes it’s taken a good month or so, but I know when they finally say something, they really mean it. And the difference it makes in my attitude is HUGE! So ask for help! Ask for feedback!

day 27

I LOVE going to Whole Foods. Just walking through the doors makes me feel like I’m living this healthy lifestyle — especially if I’m wearing my workout pants! Even if I haven’t just come from the gym, I’m giving the illusion that I have! It’s like my friend (who I won’t name) who always ran errands in a tennis outfit. She never played tennis a day in her life, but she felt super cute in her tennis skirt and dug that people thought she played tennis. I LOVED that about her!


But when I walk into Whole Foods — even in my workout pants! — I walk around looking like a lost little girl and soon the jig is up. I get the most confused look on my face as I pass by the quinoa section. I don’t know how to pronounce it much less how to prepare it! So I usually stick to the produce section because I pretty much know what all of that is. But be honest…some of those strange-looking tubular veggies have you scratching your head, too, right?? But what ends up happening is I go overboard on fruits and veggies (that I recognize!) to the point where I can’t eat them fast enough and half of them end up in the trash.


So I need to learn how to be a more efficient shopper. I need to accept the fact that I may have to go to the grocery store two or three times a week to make sure I have the right amounts of the freshest produce that actually gets eaten. And I need to learn exactly what quinoa is and how I’m supposed to cook it.


I’ve been working out with a trainer three times a week and I’m finding that I really like working on the step and using free weights. I think I’m going to go buy one of those steps to keep at home so I can do a quick little routine before I leave for work in the morning. I get up at an ungodly hour anyway, so what if I just set the alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier and get my blood pumping before I start my day! It’s not a full session in the gym, but it’s a little change that may end up giving me some big time results. I’m kind of excited about it!

day 16

It really does help to have somebody supporting you when you’re trying to make so many lifestyle changes all at once. I asked my boyfriend Bill to help keep me honest, and now when he sees me on the brink of making a bad choice, he leans over and whispers in my ear, “Larry North.” That’s all I need to hear!


I also asked him at the very beginning of this journey to let me know when he sees a change in my body. I told him not to say something just to humor me. I wanted him to say something when he HONESTLY saw changes. And yesterday, he did! He told me my arms were looking leaner and I seemed smaller around my hips. YAY!!! I don’t need a scale to tell me this is working.


Bill is going to help me go pick out a grill and teach me to actually use it. He’s a big fan of the George Foreman, but not only do I prefer the charred flavor of actual grilling, I almost set a fire the last time I broke out the George Foreman. Not good. So once we get a real grill for my backyard, every Monday night (or at least, that’s the plan!) Bill’s going to bring over a bunch of meat and I’m going to have all mine and we’re going to cook up what we need to get us through the week. I LOVE that he’s doing this with me and supporting me so much!


If you’re doing this alone, I highly encourage you to get a friend or a loved one on board to help you get through these initial few weeks until all of this becomes a habit. It truly is making a difference in my enthusiasm and motivation.

day 15th

Emotional eating: something I know about too well! I’m nowhere near alone on this, I’m sure. We eat to celebrate a happy occasion, to mourn a loss, when we’re bored, to be social, to comfort ourselves when we’re alone…


But my emotional issues with food ran extremely deep — so deep that when I was a teenager, I developed bulimia. When I felt like everything around me was spiraling out of control, the only thing I could control was how much food I stuffed into my body, and I would go into a complete, out-of-control frenzy grabbing everything I could find and shoving it in my mouth. When I was finally stuffed to the point where I couldn’t stand up straight, it was then I would exercise what I thought was control and get rid of it. Those who’ve never experienced an eating disorder can’t begin to understand the high I felt and the sense of calm that came over me after I purged. But the hate I felt for myself outweighed that momentary feeling of calm and control.


In hindsight, I should’ve gotten professional counseling, but I was embarrassed and I didn’t want to talk about it. So I spent a good decade or more learning to overcome my abusive relationship with my body and food. But dealing with emotional and mainly SOCIAL eating? THAT’S something I still struggle with daily!


It’s hard when you go out with friends who don’t mean any harm, but sit there and teasingly give you grief when you order dry grilled chicken and vegetables while they’re ordering plates of fried everything with extra butter and cheese! You make them feel guilty — and nobody likes feeling THAT — so they may pressure you into giving up your healthy eating “just for one night.” And off you go again! It’s tough. I don’t always stand strong, but what’s really helped me in those moments is to remember this:


Tomorrow morning, what I don’t eat now won’t matter. But what I DO eat WILL matter!


If I can just get past that moment of temptation, stand strong and stick to my healthy eating, eventually, the nagging to join in on the decadence stops and we can all go back to just enjoying each other’s company. And the next day,  I don’t have to fear stepping on the scale or spend one minute being angry at myself. So hopefully that little saying will help you the next time you’re out with friends and feeling sorry for yourself that you’re missing out on all the fried, gooey, fattening fun.


Tomorrow morning, what I don’t eat now won’t matter. But what I DO eat WILL matter!