man grilling vegetables

Cookout Survival Tips

man grilling vegetables
What kind of summer are you setting yourself up for?

The summer is quickly approaching and many people go to cookouts, parties, and lots of gatherings with snacks and drinks. Therefore I️ wanted to share my cookout survival tips in an effort to help you on your quest for optimal health.

  1. Get to the gym. The shortest workout & the easiest is still better than the one you missed.
  2. Don’t miss meals. Become a food carrier. Meaning carry a healthy meal and snacks to work, on a plane or wherever you go. Under eating tends to lead to over eating.
  3. While you can’t work the weight off a little more cardio or an additional group class will create extra calorie burn.
  4. Make the calories worth it. Therefore if your going to make a few bad food choices choose foods that are memorable and your all time favorites vs bad food choices that are ho hum.
  5. Eat a healthy meal a few hours prior to a holiday event or party. This will cause you to be satisfied vs ravenous. (Remember 2.).
  6. Hire a personal trainer. Nix the “I️ will start in January” or “I will start when it’s bathing suit time” mentality. Imagine staying consistent with good accountability NOW. Then come January or June you will already be closer to your goals.
  7. Forgive yourself and move on. We all give into temptation. It’s both normal and ok.
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  9. Reach out to me 24/7 [email protected] I’m always here for you, your friends and coworkers. Be I️t ways to improve your experience, nutrition advice or exercise tips.

Make smart choices!

With gratitude,

Big Lar

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