Exercise Myths

I recently came across an article discussing the biggest myths regarding weight loss and exercise. They asked 5 exercise physiologists and exercise specialists to “weigh” in on the best exercises for losing weight as well as exercises people do that may not be the most efficient.


Make no mistake; I’m not an exercise physiologist. However, I have several that work for me and have been in this business for over 35 years. All of the experts had a difference of opinion on the myth exercises and all agreed on the most efficient way to exercise in order to maximize fat loss and speed up the metabolism. The myth exercises included yoga, spin classes, barre method, running and most group classes. How could this be? All used a disclaimer that most if not all have value and can yield results.


As a gym owner for decades it has always frustrated me being forced to offer the exercise flavor of the day or current exercise trends when the trainer community, science community and exercise specialists have always known the most efficient way to exercise for MAXIMUM results. I’ve been touting it my entire life. Why? Because it’s the truth! There is no better way to shape, tone, lose fat and ignite your fat-burning furnace than in the weight room, be it with light dumbbells or advanced weight training equipment. The best part is you see and feel results quickly, and it takes the least amount of time compared to the fat-burning myth exercises. My suggestion is to not stop doing yoga, jogging, group classes, etc. Just maybe do less of them while including weight training as well as additional forms of cardio.


For example, your new fat-burning program might be as follows:


Yoga 2 times per week, 30 minute weight session 2 or 3 times per week, and walking 30 to 45 minutes 2 to 3 times per week (you can alternate this with a group class of your choice).


Just move your body and know:

1) All exercise has benefit.

2) You cannot work the majority of the weight off; you must learn how to eat it off.

3) The body thrives on consistency and regularity, meaning work out at the same time each day and don’t miss workouts.

4) A short, light and easy workout is better than the workout you choose to miss.


There you have it!!!


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