Get Moving with any activity

Fighting Fat

The human bodies ability to burn fat and increase in lean muscle is an extremely complex process and tends to be a slightly different recipe for each of us. What’s not complex is the starting point in which to begin the process.

Move the body. It’s that simple. Choose your weapon on fighting fat. There are no bad options. However in your arsenal let’s have resistance training, cardio of any kind and some flexibility training.

Get Moving with any activity

Stay hormonally optimal. Do the research. Low hormones or even “normal” range hormones can lead to a host of negative side effects none of which you want. Optimal hormone leads to increased energy, stronger libido, clearer thinking, better sleep, better heart health, loss of belly fat and increased lean muscle.

Lean fats and veggies
Chicken and vegetables are great options for lean proteins.

What not to eat? Processed anything. Fatty meats. Fast food. Sugary beverages and limit bad food choices such as pizza, burgers, fries and desserts to once a week or for faster results once per month and on special occasions.

What to eat? Lean proteins at every meal. Chicken, Fish, eggs, egg whites, lean meats.

For young athletes and those wanting to gain quality weight/muscle combine the protein with good carbs and healthy fats. Meal might look like this: grilled chicken breast, cup of veggies, cup of rice and half an avocado.

For those who want to see fat melt from their body combine the proteins with lots of fibrous veggies and some fat. A meal might look like this: grilled chicken breast, 2 cups of veggie and a quarter of an avocado. This same person might add a carb in the morning and afternoon meal.

Now surround yourself with a team of experts. Many you can follow on line and some are well worth the visit in person. My current team of experts include but aren’t limited to Kevin Wilson, Keith Klein, Dr Gary Donovitz, Dr Joe Gonzales and my host of quality trainers at Larry North Fitness and those within my eco system.

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