Grapevine Body Bodybuilding Gym

Would you enjoy looking and feeling stronger while working out in a comfortable Grapevine body transformation gym? Larry North Fitness has you covered with 31 years of experience in the business! We have perfected the art of fitness clubs that are spacious, inviting and best of all… motivating! Now is the time to get great results with exceptional bodybuilding transformation in Grapevine TX.

Why Come Here?

Larry North is one of the first inductees to the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame. His dedication to bodybuilding and strength training is evident in the care taken to beautifully renovate his fitness clubs. We have the highest quality, modern machines and a massive array of free weights to cater to your program. Your search for the best Grapevine body transformation gym ends now!

Here are some other reasons to come see us:

  1. Our top-notch personal trainers get results… faster!
  2. Every one of our personal trainers has professional certification.
  3. “No pain, no gain,” is outdated. Results and safety are paramount.
  4. The cleanliness of our fitness clubs is a top priority.
  5. A spacious atmosphere free from the overcrowding of many gyms.

When you visit us, you’ll discover even more reasons why we are the best body transformation gym in Grapevine TX.

Strength or Flexibility? 

Why not both?

If you need help constructing an effective strength training routine, we have you covered. Our personal trainers are exceptionally well qualified and equally important: friendly! Having a personal trainer can also help ensure you come to the gym regularly.

As part of your Grapevine bodybuilding transformation, we advise proper stretching which will help prevent injury and feel great. Additionally, we have a wide array of classes that can improve your flexibility and provide a nice compliment to your bodybuilding routine. Try Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and much more.

Contact Us Today

The time to act… to be as strong and healthy as you’ve always imagined… is right now! If you’d like to set up a meeting with one of our high-end Dallas personal trainers, we’d love to see you. There are no high-pressure sales at our Grapevine body transformation gym. 

See us at two convenient locations:

  • Westlake: 2902 Sam School Rd. Phone: 817-430-0038
  • Preston Center: 6030 Luther Lane. Phone: 214-526-6784
Don't put this off any longer. Allow us to partner with you in your quest to shed pounds and lose inches. Let's make 2021 your best year ever!!!