Gym Etiquette

One would think I wouldn’t have to write about how to properly behave in a gym or health club in this day and age. But a refresher might be good for all of us, as well as a few useful tips to reduce problems and aggravation.


The best place to start is the parking lot. Never bring a purse, wallet, jewelry or valuables of any kind into the gym. Lock them in the trunk of your car. Theft is a huge issue at gyms or even high-end health clubs that isn’t often talked about. Thieves know where to look and when to steal. Prevention is key.


The gym can and should be a social environment up to a point but never at the expense of the workout itself. Casual conversation is fine. For example, if someone is working out with headsets, leave them alone unless they strike up a conversation with you.


There is a phrase: “Can I work in with you?” This implies that I want to share the equipment you are using. The answer is always yes. Never monopolize the equipment for your sole purpose. There is always an alternative exercise that will get the job done. During peak hours in a crowded gym, cardio equipment can be hard to find. I believe it’s best to limit the workout to 30 minutes in an effort to allow someone else a chance to use it. With the popularity of group classes the best suggestion is to show up 10 minutes early to ensure a spot in the class.


At the end of the day the gym, your workout and your gym relationships should be a positive experience and the better part of your day. It sure is for me. I hope these tips help clarify a few things for a more enjoyable gym membership.


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