Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 1

Why am I doing the 21-Day Slimdown? Because I’m tired of stressing and obsessing about my weight. Because I don’t want to go on another diet ever again. Because I’ve known Larry North for 20 years and I trust him.

After watching the Day 1 video and hearing Larry describe being a child watching his mother struggle with her weight and body issues, I don’t want my obsession with weight to end up affecting my daughter’s perception of her own body. I try extremely hard not to say anything negative about my body in front of Emma Kelly, and I avoid using the word “fat” in her presence. But I know my daughter can sense when I’m less than happy with my body. My energy is different. My spirit is different. My desire is to be a healthy, happy mother for my child. I know I have to not only do that with my words, but also with my actions.

I love that Larry recognizes that the struggle is real!! But he doesn’t believe in shaming someone into losing weight. I have been out to eat with him before and if I ordered something that wasn’t necessarily the healthiest option on the menu, Larry never judged me. He never silently rolled his eyes when he thought I wasn’t looking. He never said, “You shouldn’t be eating that!” or “You’re going to have to pay for that in the gym later!” He’s truly all about enjoying life — including the occasional indulgences — but forgiving yourself for the slip-ups. And when we’re kinder to ourselves and start making more good choices than bad ones, our bodies can’t help but respond positively.

So for Day 1, I had that healthy meal Larry told me to add — at least it was in my opinion! I had a bowl of my mama’s homemade vegetable soup with a sliced cucumber on the side. That’s healthy, right? But I’ll admit to slipping up — ON DAY 1!!! Who messes up on Day 1??? My daughter’s candy proved to be too powerful a temptation, but I forgive myself. I’m not going to fall into that trap I’ve fallen into time and time again — binge-eating the rest of the day while telling myself I’m just getting it out of my system and that I’ll start over with Day 1 tomorrow. All Larry asked me to do was add that one healthy meal and I did that. I also wrote my own Personal Mission Statement. It’s more of a statement of where I want to ultimately be in my life, and I kept it pretty short and simple:

I am at a healthy weight, full of energy and enthusiasm for life. I have a visible glow that comes from within. I set a positive example for my daughter, teaching her what it means to be healthy and happy with my body and my life.

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