Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 13

Very proud of grabbing two tangerines instead of chocolate kisses when I was craving something sweet. Also patting myself on the back for having a small handful of almonds when I really wanted an entire family-size bag of plain potato chips — my ultimate weakness!!! UGH.


I wish I could hire Larry North to shadow me all day…that is, when he’s not cooking for me. I’d want him to cook for me exactly what I need to be eating, pack it up in coolers and then follow me around all day, reminding me every three hours that it’s time to eat. And I’d want Larry to go to restaurants and order for me. I’d just sit there smiling and nodding at the waiter while Larry does all the talking. And then I’d eat every perfect bite set before me while Larry motivates me with words of encouragement and gets me all excited about what he’s going to cook for me the next day!


But Larry isn’t exactly free to be at my beck and call. But at least I have his video and audio messages from the 21-Day Slimdown to give me motivation. Still! It would be nice to have someone do everything for me! But I guess the point is that I have to learn to do this all by myself. Once I learn it — and I mean REALLY learn it to the point where I don’t even have to think about it — then I’ll never have to worry about it again. I’ll be set to live healthy for the rest of my life.


My boyfriend (Yes! I finally have one again after all these years!) wants me to start jogging with him. Should I? Knowing me, this could turn a potential bonding activity into the thing that dooms our relationship! I’ll have to meditate on this one for a while…

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