Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 16

It really does help to have somebody supporting you when you’re trying to make so many lifestyle changes all at once. I asked my boyfriend Bill to help keep me honest, and now when he sees me on the brink of making a bad choice, he leans over and whispers in my ear, “Larry North.” That’s all I need to hear!


I also asked him at the very beginning of this journey to let me know when he sees a change in my body. I told him not to say something just to humor me. I wanted him to say something when he HONESTLY saw changes. And yesterday, he did! He told me my arms were looking leaner and I seemed smaller around my hips. YAY!!! I don’t need a scale to tell me this is working.


Bill is going to help me go pick out a grill and teach me to actually use it. He’s a big fan of the George Foreman, but not only do I prefer the charred flavor of actual grilling, I almost set a fire the last time I broke out the George Foreman. Not good. So once we get a real grill for my backyard, every Monday night (or at least, that’s the plan!) Bill’s going to bring over a bunch of meat and I’m going to have all mine and we’re going to cook up what we need to get us through the week. I LOVE that he’s doing this with me and supporting me so much!


If you’re doing this alone, I highly encourage you to get a friend or a loved one on board to help you get through these initial few weeks until all of this becomes a habit. It truly is making a difference in my enthusiasm and motivation.

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