Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 17

I LOVE going to Whole Foods. Just walking through the doors makes me feel like I’m living this healthy lifestyle — especially if I’m wearing my workout pants! Even if I haven’t just come from the gym, I’m giving the illusion that I have! It’s like my friend (who I won’t name) who always ran errands in a tennis outfit. She never played tennis a day in her life, but she felt super cute in her tennis skirt and dug that people thought she played tennis. I LOVED that about her!


But when I walk into Whole Foods — even in my workout pants! — I walk around looking like a lost little girl and soon the jig is up. I get the most confused look on my face as I pass by the quinoa section. I don’t know how to pronounce it much less how to prepare it! So I usually stick to the produce section because I pretty much know what all of that is. But be honest…some of those strange-looking tubular veggies have you scratching your head, too, right?? But what ends up happening is I go overboard on fruits and veggies (that I recognize!) to the point where I can’t eat them fast enough and half of them end up in the trash.


So I need to learn how to be a more efficient shopper. I need to accept the fact that I may have to go to the grocery store two or three times a week to make sure I have the right amounts of the freshest produce that actually gets eaten. And I need to learn exactly what quinoa is and how I’m supposed to cook it.


I’ve been working out with a trainer three times a week and I’m finding that I really like working on the step and using free weights. I think I’m going to go buy one of those steps to keep at home so I can do a quick little routine before I leave for work in the morning. I get up at an ungodly hour anyway, so what if I just set the alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier and get my blood pumping before I start my day! It’s not a full session in the gym, but it’s a little change that may end up giving me some big time results. I’m kind of excited about it!

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