Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 21!

Whoo-hoo! Three weeks — didn’t I read that it takes three weeks to form a habit? Am I there yet?? I hope so!


I haven’t been blogging about the numbers on the scale because I really didn’t want to be obsessive about them. I wanted this time to be different. I wanted this time to be completely positive and not have my entire day ruined if the numbers on the scale didn’t drop like I hoped they would. There’s nothing worse than going a day or two of doing everything right — sticking to a clean-eating program, drinking the right amount of water and working out like I’m supposed to — and then seeing the scale not move. Or even worse, seeing the number go up!! It’s happened to me too many times before! Our body chemistry is too fickle for us to only trust the scale to measure our success! So, as hard as it was, I tried to stick with weighing only one time per week.


And! After 21 days, I will share this — I’ve dropped 8 pounds and my BMI has gone from 25.1 (overweight) to 23.9 (normal)! And if you want to calculate your Body Mass Index like I did, I used


Now some people will drop more than I did in 21 days and some will drop less. But the point is, we’re all making positive changes! And in the long run, it will pay off. It IS paying off! And I’m just excited to continue this journey and see where it takes all of us!


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