Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 3

So far, so good! I’m far from perfect, but I’m doing better than I was four days ago! My daughter came home from Grandmama’s with homemade peanut butter cookies that she helped make and she really wanted me to try one. So yes, I ate one of my daughter’s cookies. But that’s the thing! I only had one! And I didn’t gripe and complain to my daughter that I was on a diet and I’m not supposed to have cookies because they’re evil and of the devil. I let her see her mommy enjoy a cookie she made with her own sweet little hands. And I enjoyed it! And I was done. That’s progress, right??


So I’m working on the whole “being prepared” thing. I cooked up a bunch of chicken breasts using just a little bit of olive oil, a lot of chopped onions and some chicken broth. I may have over-seasoned them just a bit, but I’m proud of myself for actually doing it!


I’ve started working out with a trainer. Like Larry said, the food part is the most important thing and all he’s asking us to do is take a little walk and move our bodies every day. But I really would like to firm up these bat wings and have my bottom cease jiggling the moment my body comes to a complete stop. So my new plan is to move every day and work out at the gym with a trainer 2 to 3 times a week. And for now, I’m off to enjoy some of that chicken breast.

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