Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 6

Getting in the groove! I find myself working in lunges or running in place while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew at work. I’ve been trying to eat at home more often while trying to figure out the most flavorful, low-calorie ways to prepare chicken. (I have a feeling chicken is going to become my best friend…) I’m still working on the water thing. I try to have a bottle with me at all times. I want to go get some cute workout clothes because I think that will make me look forward to working out more than I do right now. I’ve signed up to work out 2 to 3 days a week.


See, there’s this whole side of me that I’ve been neglecting — my back side. It was so easy just to worry about how I looked from the front and every day I would check out my tummy bulge from the side. But I never really thought to turn around and check out what was happening back there, but when I did? Let’s just say that three-way mirror wasn’t very kind to me! So I’ve instructed my instructor to do whatever it takes to firm up everything back there — from my back to my bottom.


I’ve also been looking at my friends who I consider to be naturally thin. I don’t know if it’s really natural or if they’ve had to bust their butts to get where they are. I don’t know what they do behind closed doors, but I know what they do in front of me, and if I model some of their behaviors, that would certainly lead to success, right?


I have one friend who actually eats until she’s satisfied, which is a very new concept for me. I’ve always cleaned my plate no matter how full I felt because that’s just what I’ve always done. And I have another friend who exercises in some way every day, but not in the gym. She goes to the park with her kids or hops on the bike or takes a hike on a nature trail near her house. And she does it for fun. For FUN!! It’s not because she has to. It’s because she really, really likes the way she feels when she gets out of the house and MOVES. So maybe if I do more “fun” physical stuff and I start to see the changes in my body and my mood, I’ll start to love it, too.

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