Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 7

The information Larry gave online today about ordering at restaurants was quite enlightening! I eat out more than I should. It’s something I need to make a conscious effort to change. But what I’ve been doing (up until now!) is choosing Mexican restaurants as much as possible and ordering plated chicken fajitas. (Kidd and I always said ordering sizzling fajitas is rude. You and everyone around you end up reeking of fajitas all day. But, I digress….)


So when I’m making what I think is a smart choice — plated chicken fajitas, no tortillas and no rice — I’ve been eating all the sour cream and guacamole and cheese that come with it! I never even thought about asking the waiter to have my fajitas cooked without oil or butter — until Larry said I could do that. From now on I will! I’m not a fan of corn tortillas, so I’m afraid I’ll still be skipping those. But I’m going to try eating them without the sour cream and guacamole and just load up on the pico de gallo instead. My trainer Angela reminded me today that one gram of protein has 4 calories, whereas one gram of fat has 9. I’m been allowing myself to have a little too much fat — especially when I eat out.


It’s about making better choices than I’ve been making. Instead of THINKING I’m doing the right thing, I need to actually KNOW that I’m doing the right thing. That’s why I’ll be breaking out the George Foreman grill and eating at home way more than I have been. I think it’ll make the hugest different.


I’m also working on getting those meals in every 2 to 4 hours — it’s all about preparation and I’m still working on that discipline. And I need to drink more water!!! What’s up with my aversion to water? (Pausing now to take a couple swigs.) I’m a work in progress!

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