Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 9

I’ve got chicken breast marinating and chopped vegetables ready to go in the oven! And after supper tonight, my daughter Emma Kelly and I are going to the park near our house to run around a bit and have some fun with a soccer ball.


I had a heart-to-heart with EK today that not only am I making some changes, she’s going to have to make some changes, too. I’ve stocked up on apples and bananas and tangerines which will take the place of chocolate chip cookies for after-school snacks. And we’re BOTH going to start drinking more water. And she’s going to have to start to at least TRY vegetables before exclaiming she can’t stand them. (Why do children’s books and TV shows make it so hard on us parents by labeling vegetables as poisonous or gross? They’re shooting us in the foot!)


I’ve got my workouts scheduled with my trainer Angela three times a week for the next couple of weeks. Because of my schedule, it’s impossible for me to work out in the morning. I’d have to wake up at 2 a.m. to get it done!! So it’s easiest for me to work out right after I get off work and before I pick up my daughter from school. By that time I’ve already been up for at least 8 or 9 hours and I’ve had at least 3 meals, so I have the best energy that time of day and it works best with my schedule. It’s going to cut down on my ladies’ lunches, but that’s sorta kinda how I got myself so out of shape in the first place!


My plan is also to start doing more physical things with my daughter when she gets out of school and throughout the summer. We’ve seen enough repeats of “Full House” and “Flea Market Flip.” (Are we the only two people who watch that show religiously?) We need to get out there and form healthy habits together. I don’t want her to dread exercise like her mother always has. I want her to love the feeling of moving her body and being strong. I want her to crave going outside and DOING something instead of wasting hours away on the couch in front of the TV.


So that’s the plan for Day 9!

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