Raise the Bar

An expression I’m not fond of is, “I’m doing the very best I can.” I’m even guilty of saying it occasionally.


Take me for example. Can I work harder? Work smarter? Eat cleaner? Wake up earlier? Be more charitable? Be a better father figure? Friend? Spouse? Be more loving? The list goes on and on. We can all raise the bar within our own lives at any time we choose. That being said, at this moment I can absorb, develop and most importantly change the way I think.


If you look around, there are vast lessons and knowledge to learn from everyone and every experience. My significant other, Brenda, wakes up every morning 365 days a year with a morning guided meditation. This is followed by positive affirmation cards being read at breakfast. They are spread all over the place, from her mirror in the bathroom to the dashboard of her car. There are dozens and dozens of them. They read:

“I’m blessed and surrounded by love. God loves me.”

“I’m abundant and prosperous, and money is all around me.”


Imagine if I, you, all of us started our day with such richness and fulfillment every day. Just writing this is a monumental reminder of how at this moment, this day and this new year is ours to raise our own personal development bar whenever we choose. In fact, she encourages you not to just set your goals, but to turn them into affirmations using your own words. For example, here is one of mine:


Goal – to pay off all debt.

Affirmation – “I’m surrounded by abundance, and money flows to me with all my wonderful endeavors.”


Brenda asked me to do this with ten goals. Now it’s your turn. Write the goal. Turn it into an affirmation, and keep it in a safe place. Your life will change in dramatic ways!!


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