Dear Larry North Fitness,

I LOVE my new home…

Approximately 3 months ago, I signed up for a fitness challenge. Originally I had planned on completing the challenge/workout from my home. (I have acquired a “ton” of equipment over the years) A few days into the challenge I realized I may not get the maximum benefits from the challenge by modifying some of the exercises with my home equipment. Searching on line, I found Larry North Fitness… The free pass sign-up option kept popping up! (over & over & over) Ok, I sent in my request for a free pass. Within minutes, before I could even search another site, I received an email from the manager!!! Still needing to get my workout in for the morning, I had an appointment and was at your Preston Center location within the hour!! I thought I would just sign-up for 3 months to complete my challenge. After ONE workout at that location, I knew I was staying!!

And Here’s Why:

  • Every Larry North Fitness (LNF) location is AWESOME
  • All the locations are “Ritz-Carlton” CLEAN
  • Convenient Hours
  • Extensive choices of machines/equipment
  • All the equipment is State-of-the-Art-& in excellent working condition
  • Each facility has it’s own “flare” & lay-out
  • All the amenities and services you would expect
  • **But the LNF staff is where the MAGIC is…
  • The Training staff is Professional, Knowledgeable & extremely KIND! They honestly care about “you” & your wellbeing.
  • The front desk staff & cleaning crew is like your first morning cup of coffee! (assuming you like coffee:) Perky, Full of Flavor/Life & ready to help you get through your day!
  • I especially enjoy the wide variety of members the LNF clubs draw… Diverse, kind, respectable members interested in maintaining or improving their health & fitness goals.
  • Being at Larry North Fitness is like investing in a Long-Term Health Care Policy!
  • I am a MEMBER for LIFE!


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