What is the Real Goal?

My first job in a gym was at 16 in a downtown armpit of a gym. I took a 40 minute bus ride just to get there, and I didn’t even get paid. I agreed to help clean this dungeon in order to work out there for free. Shortly after that at age 17 I landed a paying job at a health club closer to my home cleaning and taking people through their first circuit training workout. Soon it was obvious I had a few gifts: 1) I like people. 2) I love encouraging people. 3) I love sales.


In those days there was a list of standard questions you were required to ask a prospective member. Prior to the questions, we gave them a mini fitness test that included a 3-minute step test, 5 minutes on a stationary bike, some stretching, etc. One of the standard questions was what their goals were. While this answer might vary from losing weight to putting on muscle it typically was as standard answer as my question.


At age 20 I started the first personal training program for what is now a national chain. I was considered a pioneer in Dallas as one of the first recognized personal trainers. I’m not sure if I was the first, but I was one of the first. I guess you could say I’ve been helping people for over 35 years.


I no longer ask about goals. The goal is far beyond the physical body, the emotional body, the spiritual body as well as the mental body. The goal is to be happy. Yes, happy! Happier than you’ve ever been. Life always places roadblocks and setbacks like illness, job loss and tragedy, but at our very core all we want is joy and happiness. However, how we think we can achieve this goal can often take us furthest from it. For example, I want to be lean and look my very best. Therefore I might be inclined to believe that stricter dieting and harder exercising will help achieve the goal, yet depending how far I take it I might find myself irritable due to low carbs, tired due to over-exercising and cranky, leaving me looking great but feeling empty. Yet if I take a similar path that is not as strict but still effective, I find myself no longer held prisoner by any food – good or bad.


I can apply this to every area of my life. We all want prosperity but at what cost? My goals are joy and happiness. It takes me on a journey of road blocks, bad weather, traffic delays and heartache, and that is sometimes on the good days. Follow me, join me, let’s do this together side by side. You will never finish, you will just keep getting better and better at it! Love!!!❤



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