What’s The Best Exercise?

It makes perfect sense to think that the answer to your weight loss questions equates to exercise. And it does – partially. To reach maximum results, exercise is in the equation, just not nearly as much as you may think.


What’s the best exercise to get rid of my belly?

I need to lose 50 lbs. What is the best exercise to reach my goals?


The answer is…nutrition!


At the very core of this topic, most people are more inclined to exercise than change their eating habits. They want to believe they can work it off, train it off or exercise it off. When you do the simple math that one hour on a treadmill burns a small slice of cheese pizza, a small flavored coffee drink or a healthy choice frozen dinner, you start to get a better understanding of why food is the answer to your weight loss questions.


I’m 54 and have worked in the gym business since I was 17. I witnessed it then, and I still witness it now. I see men and women of all ages doing painstaking cardio or an endless amount of group classes and are left wondering why their bodies barely change, or in many cases, get worse. They have an increased appetite due to an increase in activity but have not learned how to eat properly.


Please don’t get me wrong. All exercise has value and benefits. However, intense exercise without dietary changes leaves most people struggling and at a loss. The flip side is adding exercise and basically starving yourself. Weight loss will be attained, but at what price?


Here I am 35 years later, and most people are still doing the same things to lose weight. Starving themselves, cutting calories, cutting entire categories of food, cutting out their favorite foods, exercise, diet pills and quick fixes. Now I have a question: How is that working for you? Until you realize that the (not-so-secret) secret is learning how to eat to feed muscle, starve fat and ignite your own body’s ability to burn fat efficiently, you will find yourself on an endless loop like a hamster on a wheel.


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